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Breaking Barriers

Technology is fast moving, complex, and essential to our modern lives. Yet, for many people completely indecipherable. And this is a problem if you need to make critical decisions that will commit millions of dollars and make or break a business. How do you make great decisions if you do not speak the language?

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Making Tech Accessible

Andy Prosser, Founder of The Executive Technologists is on a mission to change this. He is changing the way people engage with technology and breaking down the barriers of jargon and lingo. Andy is a fast talking, no-bullsh*t guy who loves help make complex technical concepts more accessible to a broader audience.


Keynote Speaker

If you a looking for your next keynote speaker that can deliver laughs, entertainment, and some insights into the technology world, then look no further. His broad industry experience, deep technical knowledge, and ability to take his audience on a journey of discovery is something that needs to be experienced to genuinely appreciate.

The No Bullsh*t Tech Translator

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