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Our goal is to help make your technology systems uncomplicated and natural to use. We start with our services.

Like many things in life, the journey from competitor to industry leader begins with a single step. We discovered that the first step from most businesses starts with solving the 1,000 paper-cuts; for this problem, we created The Tech Mentor.

Yet our journey doesn't end there. Once we understand your business more, we transition to The Tech Renovation where the focus is on modernising your systems and removing as much technical debt as possible.

The final stage is where the real adventure begins as shift gears into a leadership mindset with a future focus to embrace The Tech Advantage.

The Tech Mentor

Solving your current burning issues can be as simple as knowing the right questions to ask. It is often these little issues that cause the most pain. Let us work together to solve those 1,000 papercuts today.

Low risk. Low cost. Make IT Work™.

Let's face it; technology is continuously changing and evolving. It is hard to keep up with the rapid rate of change, even for technologists. So how do business leaders make the right decisions for their business, especially when there are seemingly thousands of options available?

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You get advice. You solve problems.

The Tech Mentor provides independent advice to allow you to ask those "what if?" questions. We get down into the weeds to help you work through what the actual challenges your business faces without re-engineering everything.

The problems are typically not with your existing systems, but how you tie them all together and make them deliver the outcomes you need. Every business suffers from paper-cuts; where are yours?


  • Month-to-Month Fees – cancel anytime
  • Multiple Contacts per month – we're here when you need
  • Simple Language – no jargon or techno-speak
  • Not Just Talk – we'll do some of the work too

Discover how tech can help eliminate your invisible paper-cuts.

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The Tech Renovation

Sometimes you need to do some significant remodelling. You’ll need an experienced renovator to guide you through the process and manage all of the contractors and services to modernise your operations.

Moderate risk. Moderate cost. Modern Operations.

Just like any great home, there comes a time when you need to refresh and remodel everything. The foundations are sound, yet everything is getting a bit tired. Just like your home, the smart decision is to engage the professionals.

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Renovations are a joy of discovering those unwelcome surprises.

The Tech Renovation provides a risk mitigation strategy for your technology transformation programs. We do this by only engaging trusted partners who are proven to deliver exceptional outcomes. Our role is to manage all the various technical trades and external vendors as a single, cohesive program rather than discrete and disconnected projects.

Managing business-wide transformation programs is more complicated, but the results are a more seamless and integrated solution that fits your entire business rather than only parts of it.


  • Success Linked Fees – our fees are linked to the success of your program
  • Single Contact Point – you only need to manage a single vendor; us
  • You're In Control – we are guided by you and your business requirements
  • Cohesive Result – we manage every aspect to ensure your outcomes make sense; end-to-end

Discover how tech can transform your business.

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The Tech Advantage

Innovation starts with business ideas executed via smart use of technology. Your tech is operating effectively; your next step is to deliver innovative industry-leading outcomes for your clients.

Higher risk. Moderate costs. Exceptional potential.

The most effective way to compete against your competitors is to not complete. Every industry leader has mastered the art of merging innovative technologies with exceptional business strategies.

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A brilliant strategy without effective execution is a missed opportunity.

The Tech Advantage is an advanced program based on the ground-breaking work of Simon Wardley. This program takes organisations through a process of transforming how they deliver business objectives via a unique value mapping methodology. Maps are just the beginning; this program will change how your business approaches the delivery of services to both internal and external customers.

Creating good tech is hard; using it shouldn't be.


  • Success Linked Fees – our fees are linked to your revenue growth
  • User Focused – user centric to deliver outcomes your users need
  • Proven System – our process is based on a globally proven system
  • Open Knowledge – we get you started; but you'll never stop learning

Discover how tech can deliver industry leadership.

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Additional Services

The Executive Technologists is built on partnerships. As part of these partnerships we are able to offer a range of additional services that can solve some common challenges;

  • Microsoft Office 365 Consulting
    Cloud-based office productivity tools from Microsoft. We can help you migrate your existing systems or enhance your existing services. Our team has decades of experience with Microsoft technologies.
  • Website Performance & Security
    Improve performance & protect your websites via global content caching and DDoS (denial of services) mitigation technology. Stay online and make your website(s) faster.
  • Penetration Testing
    Make sure your applications and websites are secure. We can perform industry leading penetration testing and provide detailed reports to allow your technical team to make your system more secure.
  • Managed Services
    Let the experts manage your technology systems. This includes end-points (desktops, laptops, and mobile devices), on-premise servers and network systems, and cloud platforms. All backed by a professional service desk.

Our technology partners.