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Our team loves helping people learn how to use technology. We are always learning new ways to solve problems. The more we learn, the more we can share.


We create guides & videos to show you how to get things work. Tech is more powerful when you know how it works and what is possible.


You know your business than we ever will. We work with you to solve problems and show you how it all works.


We take a little longer to get things done as to ensure that our solutions work well and wonderful to use.

Microsoft 365 Coach

Most people think of Microsoft 365 as the Apps they install on their computer yet that is only a fraction of the story. The real power lies with how the systems hosted in datacentres across the globe help transform your business. Unlocking their full potential takes time, but it starts with learning what is in the box.

A coach will help you discover the unknown and achieve more than you thought was possible.

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The Microsoft 365 platform is huge. New features are being added every day. Most people are busy with their day jobs, so keeping updated with the changes is not possible. A coach is focused on what the system can do and how it impacts our daily tasks.

Most of the systems and capabilities of the Microsoft 365 platform are accessible to normal users. There are some things that do require IT support, but the majority has been designed for business users to solve problems. 

No. There are some additional licenses needed to enable certain advanced capabilities, but even the most basic Microsoft 365 licences provides access to more an extensive range of applications and services.

Absolutely! Microsoft provices an extensive library of knowledge and learning material to teach you everything you want to know and more. And there are countless blogs, videos, and news articles available. The problem is one of time; we’ve spent decades learning this platform so we can get you where you need to be faster.

Access to a Microsoft 365 environment helps, but that is not mandatory. We can help you learn more about the platform even if you are not using it yet. And we work with Solopreneurs all the way up to large multi-national corporations. If you want to learn more about what Microsoft 365 can do; we can help.

The future is shaped by people with great ideas—technology helps you get there faster.

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Initial one-to-one consultation, to review and assess your Microsoft 365 Environment. In our 90-minute sessions, we ensure you are setup for success and identify key changes that will transform your business productivity.


Our full-day Microsoft 365 Discovery Accelerator. Designed for teams to quickly discover what the platform is capable of, learn best practice techniques, and tap into the genius of your people to transform your business.


If you want your team to succeed you need to give them support to get stuff done without wasting time on side quests. Get a team of experts in your corner who are just as focused on your success as you are.

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Your future awaits and we cannot wait to show you what Microsoft 365 can do for your business!

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