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Our mission is to help businesses change their relationship with technology—less fighting against their systems and more achieving exceptional outcomes. We believe that a leadership mindset, coupled with the effective use of technology, will transform any business into an industry leader.

When you become a leader, you stop watching your competitors; they start watching you. Dare to be different, challenge the status quo, and forge a new path.


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At The Executive Technologists, we believe that creating good tech is hard; using it shouldn't be.

Technology is a crucial requirement to deliver value to customers, yet is confusing, complicated, and expensive. Getting your technology solutions right can mean the difference between a competitive business and an industry leader.

Our guiding principles form the foundations of everything we do and how we deliver value to our clients;

  • Simple - don't over complicate any solution
  • Clear - everyone needs to understand, not just the technologists
  • Practical - deliver useful outcomes of value without the spectacle
  • Fun - there needs to be an element of fun


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The Executive Technologists was born out of the frustrations of corporate enterprise, repeating the same mistakes when delivering technology projects. Despite the best intentions, these projects would rarely deliver any significant benefits to the organisation or their customers.

Profile: Andy Prosser
Andy Prosser
Founder & CEO

Founded by Andrew 'Andy' Prosser, a 30-year veteran of the corporate technology industry, with a purpose to transform the relationship businesses have with their technology. He believes that every business can craft exception technology ecosystems that deliver tremendous value for each organisation and its customers.

Andy is one of those rare talents that can solve remarkably technical challenges and articulate these complex solutions to non-technical teams. This versatility and an immensely broad understanding of the technology landscape has culminated in a new style consultancy centred on re-engineering organisational ecosystems. The problem is not the individual systems, but how they work together.

The Executive Technologists is a dynamic organisation built on a network of trusted partners to accomplish the unique outcomes required by every client.

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