Andy Prosser

Chief Executive Officer
Founder & CEO
The Executive Technologists
30 years

Personal Experience

Andrew “Andy” Prosser is the son of a farmer who went on to study the art of digging holes and blowing stuff-up, better known as Mining Engineering. This foundation in mining provided many opportunities to work for some of Australia’s largest companies; BHP, Woodside Energy, and Worsely Alumina.

Discovering he understood computers better than rocks, Andy spent the next few decades working as a technologist solving the more complex problems most others shy away from. Easy challenges such as building a touch-screen based operations and dispatch system with caller geo-location and in-vehicle tracking in 2004 before Google maps existed. Or coordinating road-engineering design and build-across multiple locations many deep within the Papua New Guinea jungle. His critical-thinking and consultative problem-solving approach have led opportunities working for a wide variety of organisations across a range of industries: government, police, mining. construction, telecommunications, entertainment, finance and education.

Professional Skills

digital strategy
55 %
financial services
75 %
68 %

Inspirational Quote

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-Arthur C. Clarke

Career Guidelines

Some of the organisation’s Andy has worked with; Optus, Ericsson, SONY, BHP, Clough, Woodside Energy, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Curtin University, Westpac, NSW Police, Department of Justice, iiNet, TCorp, Perpetual, Microsoft, Woodside, Brownes Dairy, ExxonMobil, China Mobile, Nine.

Known as “special generalist”, Andy has recently ventured into the entrepreneurial world to launch his own technology advisory firm, The Executive Technologists, with a focus on helping executive teams create technology-centric Future-Ready organisations. The original plan was to disrupt the technology industry which is more focused on staff utilisation than customer value; this has since evolved beyond disruption to one of value generation. The ultimate goal is to help business adopt new technologies that promote growth without requiring extensive re-engineering; a Future-Ready business is continuously evolving.

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