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Finding Magic

Finding Magic

Technology can help us achieve our dreams and when we do, the results can seem like magic. The world needs more magic.

There is no doubt that technology has allowed humankind to transform the world around us. Our very way of life is dependent upon our technologies; with each generation building on the achievements of the previous. The pace of our technological prowess is only accelerating.

The world-renowned science fiction writer—Arthur C. Clarke—is credited with stating:

Any sufficiently advance technology is indistinguishable from magic.
—Arthur C. Clarke

If you have ever left a movie-theatre thinking “Wow, that was amazing!”, then you will know this statement to be true. At The Executive Technologists, this sense of wonder is what drives us to imagine new futures, encouraging us to look at the world differently and ask “What if...? How can we create some magic?”.

Would it have been possible to create Uber, Facebook, or Netflix 20 years ago? No, the technologies we take for granted today have allowed these organisations to exist.

Our core belief is that technology is a force for good that can help us create a better future; one that can help us inspire wonder and feel like magic. The problem is that for many businesses, technology is often a confusing mess of unrealised promise with an associated high cost. And the effort to re-engineer these systems becomes hard the more substantial an organisation grows.

This issue is called technical debt; a phenomenon every organisation experience. To transform and grow, we have to pay down this debt before investing in new capabilities. Ignoring this technical debt will risk compounding the complexities and inefficiencies of even the most successful organisation. There is a solution.

Our methodology—founded on a globally recognised strategic mapping system—has been developed to assist leadership teams in identifying, describing, and managing technical debt. The goal is to enable any business to achieve their visions through the effective use of technology and create a better future.

Technology is a crucial element to allow the shift from competitor to industry leader.

We know technology is hard, confusing and always changing. Nor are these systems perfect as humans are not perfect. We believe you should not need to be a technologist to deliver magical and wonderous outcomes for your customers. Yet, it often helps to engage an expert to guide you through the challenges ahead and minimise any missteps or misunderstandings. The Executive Technologists exists to bridge this gap; connecting the executive teams with the technical teams.

You have the vision; technology can help you realise that vision. We help make it all possible. The result? Pure magic.

Are you ready to make some magic?